Why charity should always be mandatory

I do apologize if the tone of this post comes across as political, I guess it probably is political so feel free to stop reading if you do not enjoy reading opposing view points especially in reference to some of Bernie Sanders view points.  Have you heard of the phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”?  I truly believe that at least when it comes to government, that the former quote could not be more true.  In the USA we have something different than the rest of the world.  We have freedom.  Some people might say ” lots of countries have freedom!”  What I would say to that is…. We have a different kind of freedom.  I am starting to see that freedom peeled away and that to me is a scary thing.  I am of the mindset that people should be free no matter what their beliefs.  You should have the right to be wrong.  So long as you do not cause harm to someone else then I believe that whole hearted-ly. I think that history has shown us that our government does not usually have our best interests in mind and even when they do, they are about as efficient as using a strainer to transport water from point A to point B.  When our elected officials get involved, there have already been too many promises made to too many people so the entire project becomes full of pork that has nothing to do with the original intention of the bill.  I believe that a truly free people can have a much better impact on the charity of their choice when government is left out of the equation.  Forcing people to donate is not only wrong, but it is also completely counter-intuitive to actually helping people.  If you believe that people should be forced to give their hard earned money to support other people than you should go out and start your own charity.  In a perfect world we could do everything for everyone but when you start trying to redistribute wealth the people at the bottom of the totem pole are the ones that suffer most.  This becomes true for the reason I stated earlier, government is completely inefficient and the amount of money that is needed to do the same amount of good for charity and probably 3-5 times more than it would be in the free market.  I think that feeding the hungry is a very noble thing to do but I also believe that forcing that on someone is not the correct approach.  I think overall, we have done a great job taking care of people in this country.  I also believe that with the direction we are heading that less people will actually be taken care of.  There are obviously people out there that become the responsibility of society as a whole but I really think that we as a free society are great at meeting needs and not turning people away.  I think that will all change if we continue down this road.  I think that most people will stop giving to charity because they feel that they have already done their part by donating part of their paycheck.  Like I said earlier though, this will likely mean that less people will be taken care of since the money will not go as far when it has to filter through our officials and all of the special interests.  I know there will be plenty of people that disagree with me but at least for now, this country offers freedom of speech.  I hope that we do not stray too far from those principles because they are the reason we have become so great.  Freedom for all, even if you do not agree with the things that people stand for, we must defend their right to believe it.  We will be putting on a charity event of our own some time soon so please keep an eye out as we finalize some of the details. So far only one vendor has stepped up for our event…. Top Notch Photo Booth has donated one of their fully inclusive photo booths for the special event.  If you are interested in helping out please use the contact page on the left to do so.

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