Which Charity Credit Cards Are Worthy Of Your Support?


Some charities have taken a new way of gathering funds for their given cause.  What they are doing is working with different banks/ credit card companies and creating their own branded visa or mastercard.  Similar to how a grocery store like Kroger has a Visa rewards card, a charity can have their own that rewards the charity for every dollar that you spend.  This makes it very easy to donate without ever missing the money to begin with it.

This is  mostly available in the UK but I would be willing to bet that the USA will have its fair share of these cards popping up over the next couple years.  Many officials are very excited about these cards and have shown a great deal of support.

When you apply for any of these cards the bank will make a donation to the charity that is listed and this donation is made whether or not you actually get approved for the card.  This initial donation is anywhere between 10 and 65 US dollars.  The bank will also make bi-yearly contributions depending on how much you have spent on the card during that time period.

The actual amount or percentage that is donated can very from .25% up to 1% and this is something that you should probably look into before you decide to apply for a given card.  Some cards have a sliding scale in which they will donate more or less depending on if you have hit a specific threshold.

Which charities are available to support with these cards?

  • Cancer studies
  • Children’s charities for orphan children
  • Animal charities for the well being of dogs, cats and any other pet animal
  • Assistance for the needy
  • More and more each year
  • Going green landscaping efforts

At this day and age, the best way to see if there is a credit card available that supports a specific charity, you should check online as your starting point and you can also call some of the bigger banks  because they might have more information on what direction you should take to find more information.

There are other incentives to using these types of cards.  They offer a lot of the same features that some of the best cards have.  They offer low interest rates, zero percent balance transfers, zero percent interest for a fixed period of time.  The biggest incentive is that you will be helping a great cause.

Unfortunately, some of these cards will charge you a yearly fee to be a part of so make sure to check so you can factor that into your decision.  Just like any other credit card it will be important to pay your bill off each month if you would like to avoid paying interest on all of your daily purchases.

Once you have applied and received your card, the bank that supplies the c.c. does all the work.  You just make purchases like you normally would and your donations are made on autopilot.  Kind of a set it and forget type model.  You will be able to check the ytd of the amount that you have produced for the specific charity by setting up an online account.  Overall, I like the concept of these cards and feel that it is an innovative way for some great causes to evolve with the times.  Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil so in this instance the charity is squeaking and we the consumer are applying the oil by applying and using the credit card.  That is all for now


Some visa or mastercard providers might ask for a one-off remainder transition fee. This ought to be actually considered when selecting the immediately card.

Similar to all visa or mastercard that is actually essential to make payments consistently and without delay to stay clear of enticing any sort of fine expenses.
Once individuals have picked the right charitable organization card, creating a gift is actually as easy as doing what they would do anyhow. All they have to perform is devote cash in the standard places and also their favorite charities are going to obtain the benefit.

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