How to find a charity to donate your time to

There are a lot of people that donate their time to work with a charitable organization.  This can be a great way for you to contribute without offering any of your money.  You can make a difference with your time, your skills and the love you have in your heart.  If you do not have much money and want to help people in need, then donating your time is the easiest way to go about doing so.

Choosing a charity to volunteer for is totally up to you.  If you have a certain skill set that can be beneficial for a specific charity then it would probably make sense to offer your skills to that type of charity.  For instance, if you work at a veterinary clinic for your day job, then maybe you could donate your time to an animal shelter like the Humane Society or one of the many other shelters for unwanted animals.  Or if you are especially good with organizational skills then you could donate your abilities to a charity that is having trouble keeping their doors open.  Think about the difference that you specifically can make when donating your skills and time.  That will help narrow down your choices.

Another point you should keep in mind is your own personal preference.  Even if you do have impressive organizational skills, if you do not enjoy utilizing those skills then it probably will not make sense for you to offer those skills.  There should be joy in your heart when offering your time so if you will not have a good time doing something then it would probably be best to leave that off of the list and instead use another skill that you might have.  Having a positive outlook is very important when donating your time to charity.

The next variable you need to ponder is the amount of time that you can actually donate.  Maybe you have an entire day a week that you can work at a charity or maybe you only have a couple hours every few weeks.  Different charities have different guidelines for when you can work.  Keeping this in mind will help you decide on where to donate your time. Keep in mind that even if you were to only donate 3 hours every week, you would be donating 156 hours of your time after one years time! That is almost the equivalent of twenty, eight hour days.

Offering your service and your time should not only be beneficial for the charity, it should also be beneficial to you and your mind.  Finding a charity that can act as a dual purpose is the key to success when donating your time. You should find joy in what you are doing and the people or animals will benefit from your time with them.  Serving your chosen charity can also be a great way to make new friends and broaden your network of people.  It can also reveal some of your strengths that you never knew you had.  If you have more time then money then offering your service is time well spent and will be good for you and good for the receiver.  Leave a comment below and tell us some of the places that you have volunteered at.

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