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Grant Recipients 2007 (All artists & crafts people)

  • Arcata Arts Institute – Saremy Duffy and Tracie Galbraith $4,500.00
    AAI fashion design program and runway show.
  • Burnt Ranch Elementary School  $4,500.00
    Performing arts residency at Burnt Ranch 
  •  Jacqueline Dandeneau  $2,000.00
    Compose and perform music for Elemental
  • Dell’ Arte, Inc.Rural Residency Program  $2,000.00
  • Barbara Domanchuk   $4,400.00
    Support Young Media Makers
  •  Sonya Fe   $4,000.00
    Silk screening classes to Dream Quest youth 
  • Fortuna High School  $3,400.00
    Student art published in the Dog's Tale 
  • Freshwater School District $9,500.00
    Quack and Wabbit at Freshwater and Garfield Schools
  • Carrie Grant $5,000.00
    Editing and music for documentary of Jack Mays
  • Linda Hartshorn $500.00
    Warping boards for Fiber Arts Studio at the Ink People
  • Jim Hooper  $2,000.00
    Art lessons and mural  
  • Ink People Center for the Arts  $3,000.00
    Thao LeKhac elementary school workshops
  • Ink People Center for the Arts  $4,000.00
  • Joyce Jonte   $4,640.00
    Clothed Life Drawing workshops in high school
  • Therese Keslin-FitzMaurice   $4,000.00
    Poetry and performance workshops at five local high schools
  •  Jennifer Kincaid    $4,000.00
    Six Factorial Times Four to the Sixth; develop into a mobile traveling exhibition    
  • Thao Le Khac    $9,000.00
    Weekly after school enrichment art lessons at Alice Birney and Lincoln elementary schools
  • Oceana Madrone   $4,500.00
    Healing Quilt Project
  • Manila Community Center-Manila Recreation  $4,500.00
    Sculpture and mural for Manila Community Dune Garden
  • Mateel Community Center   $4,500.00
    Random People's Monologue Project   
  • Cat McAdams  $4,000.00
    Extend Rio Dell School Artist-in-Residence Program, additional murals   
  • Maureen McGarry   $3,000.00
    Portrait and figure painting with teens 
  • Edward Morabito  $4,350.00
    Summer arts program to low-income teens 
  • Harley Munger   $3,816.00
    Ceramic mural at Harbor  
  • Recycled Youth Theatre Troupe  $4,000.00
    Show written and performed by Recycled Youth 
  • Redwood Community Action Agency   $3,994.00
    Art Lab, a place for homeless youth
  • Ms. Lyn Risling  $3,300.00
    Mural panel for Wiyot Heritage and Cultural Center
  •  Arupa Richardson   $4,200.00
    Drawing, painting and scuplting instruction to students of Grant Elementary
  • Mr. Jonathan Robertson  $2,500.00
    AAI and Unauthorized art collaboration
  • Mr. Ryan Teurfs     $2,700.00
    AAI and Unauthorized Art collaboration
  • The Trinity Players    $4,400.00
    Summer youth theatre workshop
  • The Trinity Players   $3,755.00
    2nd Annual Weaverville Open Fiddle Contest
  • Irene Treesong  $4,500.00
    Rural Youth Dance Production



Grant Recipients 2006 (All artists & crafts people):

  • Jacoby Award 2006-Norman Sherfield $3,500.00

                        To explore the creation of environments for his knotted sculptures.

  • Bridgeville Elementary School - Bridgeville $2,500.00
    Music Ensemble Program for students in grades 3 – 8.
  • Burnt Ranch Elementary School – Burnt Ranch $5,000.00
    Theatre arts education for all students through a collaboration with Dell’Arte, Inc. 
  • Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness – Crescent City $5,000.00
    Partner with artist Rika Blue to provide a ceramics Artist-in-Residence at two school sites.
  • Barbara Domanchuk – Carlotta $4,000.00
    Work with local youth in the Young Media Makers and create a forum for their work with the Big Screen Showcase.
  • Sonya Fe – Hoopa $5,000.00
    Create and present art workshops at the Youth Center in Hoopa.
  • Freshwater and Garfield School Districts – Eureka $2,500.00
    Partner with Quack and Wabbit to provide puppet based interactive performances concerning tolerance and anger management.
  • Thao Le Khac – Arcata $5,000.00
    Provide weekly multicultural art classes at Alice Birney School.
  • Mateel Community Center – Redway $2,600.00
    Write and perform stories of the community through the Random People Production’s Monologue Project.
  • Trinity Players, Inc. – Weaverville $3,325.00
    Develop an annual fiddle contest.

Grant Recipients 2005
(All artists & crafts people):
  • Daryl Chinn - Arcata $2,000
    Poetry writing workshops at Pacific Union School in Arcata.
  • Sonja Fe - Hoopa $4,000
    The creation of murals on the youth center walls of the Hoopa Valley Reservation.
  • Michael Guerrero (HAC) - Eureka $5,000
    Visual and performing arts workshops in the schools of Bridgeville, Cuddleback and Hydesville.
  • Linnea Conway – Arcata $2,000
    Shakespeare theater production including script and character development at the Arcata Community Theater.
  • Joanie Rose – Redway $2,000
    Theater production in Redway including script development, set, music and costume design.
  • Suzette Nyokka – Garberville $1,500
    Radio program production in Garberville incorporating poetry, performance, news and current issues.
  • Humboldt Senior Resource Center – Eureka $1,500
    Eureka elders with Alzheimers will work with local artists (Eunice Noack and Marianna Krattiger) to produce art that appears on the covers of greeting cards.
  • Jacqueline Dandeneau – Blue Lake $2,000
    A festival in Blue Lake featuring 14 foot puppets, stilt walkers, a giant shadow play, fire spinners and a procession of bamboo paper lanterns.

Grant Recipients 2004
  • Dan Levinson – Eureka $3,000
    Dan will lead poetry workshops in local high schools.
  • Jim Dodge – Arcata $4,795
    Jim will create a community anthology of essays on local watersheds.
  • Jason Beaver – Blue Lake $4,329
    Jason will lead a series of ten creative writing workshops at the Humboldt County Juvenile Hall.
  • William Kowinski – Arcata $5,000
    William will create an anthology of writings based on Humboldt County history and identity.
  • Kristi Snyder – Eureka $2,000
    Kristi will coordinate a “Poets Alive” event at the Ink People Center for Arts.
  • Tinamarie Ivey – Eureka $4,300
    Tinamarie will conduct theater arts workshops for local elementary schools.

Grant Recipients 2003
(Visual Arts):
  • Emily Silver - Ferndale $3,375
    Emily will continue three established Twelve Step Art Groups that provide an art component to addiction recovery programs.
  • Sasha Pepper - Arcata $3,250
    Sasha will develop a series of art classes in conjunction with Humboldt Women for Shelter for women and children who have been or are in situations of domestic violence.
  • Joy Dellas - Manila $3,250
    Joy will provide a free studio environment for Peninsula residents, located at the Manila Dunes Community Center. Community members will be encouraged to use creative techniques to tell their individual stories and describe the unique peninsula setting in which they live.
  • Arupa Richardson and Cat McAdams - Rio Dell $3,250
    Arupa and Cat will work with Rio Dell Elementary students to paint a mural on an outside wall of the school building.
  • Thao Le Khac - Arcata $3,625
    Thao will work with Hmong students, grades 4 - 12, to create a portable mural depicting Hmong cultural traditions and historical contributions to the United States. The mural will be exhibited throughout Humboldt County as a community outreach project.
  • Annie Reid - Trinidad $3,250
    Annie will offer Digital Art instruction to youth and adults and will organize exhibits of the works created.

Grant Recipients 2002
(Performing Arts):
  • Joan Dee Becker - Redway $3,000
    A collaborative community dance production featuring local choreographers and dancers.
  • Susan Bigelow-Marsh - Eureka $3,000
    Creation and production of a two-woman, multi-character show, The Purple Hat Club, stories of local Elder Women.
  • Gilbert Cline - Eureka $1,225
    Support of professional musicianship for an early music compact disc project.
  • Hal Lepoff - Garberville $5,000
    Support for Redwood School Music Project to provide classroom music instruction to elementary students.
  • Stephanie Lusak - Redway $1,500
    Four woman a capella music performances to reach community members in local hospitals.
  • Jessie Modic - Whitethorn $4,000
    Musical storytelling assemblies at elementary schools in outlying county regions.
  • Nona Kraus - Eureka $500
    Partial support for performances of early instruments by the performance gruop Viols, Recorders, Krumhorns and All.
  • Melinda Thomas - Kneeland $3,775
    Support for the Ceile Trio of three instrumentalists (harp, cello, and guitar) to bring performances of Celtic, English, and Scottish music to outlying county schools.
  • Katherine Wolman - Redway $3,000
    A collaboration of Feet First Dancers, Redway Elementary School and Redway Elementary School P.T.A. for a community production of Hansel and Gretel.

Grant Recipients 2001
(Literary / Media Arts):
  • Daryl Ngee Chin - Arcata $1,000
    Writing workshops in distant communities such as Blocksburg and Orick.
  • Barbara Domanchuk - Carlotta $1,000
    Support for Video production classes for school children.
  • Bob Doran - McKinleyville $1,840
    Support for Humboldt Portrait Project web book/CD-Rom.
  • Leah Griesmann - Garberville $1,160
    Writing workshops for SoHum Community.
  • Bart Gruzalski - Redway $1,000
    Support for Sally Belle Grove book project.
  • Chag Lowry - McKinleyville $2,000
    Yurok culture and basketry book project.
  • Jeanne York - Redway $5,000
    Sound engineering mentoring project.

Grant Recipients 2000
(Visual Artists):
  • Joy Dellas $3,000
    Manila community arts program - studio space, workshops and materials for Manila community members arts program culminating in a group show at Arts Alive!
  • Susan Penn $2,850
    European Beach Grass Paper - educational workshops, production and exhibition of fine paper making from an invasive, introduced grass found on the north spit of Humboldt Bay.
  • Maureen McGarry $3,000
    Arts in the Afternoon - a teen arts program providing after school activity for area youth.
  • Emily Silver $4,000http://www.hafoundation.org/administrator/#top
    The Art of Recovery - development of twelve painting activities related to the Twelve Step addiction recovery program which were introduced to participants of a local addiction treatment center.
  • Pamela Becker $2,800
    Doorways to Life - a six month workshop for women with immune system disorders involving drawing, painting, sculpture, breath, movement, writing and sharing of stories.
  • Carin Engen $1,000
    Production of a quality, hand made quilt to be raffled to benefit Hospice of Garberville.

Grant Recipients 1999
(Performing Arts):
  • Andrew Barnett $2,400
    Humboldt Bandwagon variety broadcast - a monthly live variety broadcast on KMUD-FM.
  • Naomi Steinberg $3,000
    The Angel's Wings: Mystical Music and Stories - an interdisciplinary performance piece involving storytelling, masks, puppets, song and chamber music.
  • Rudi Galindo $2,500
    Laundry of Dreams physical theater work - three performing artists combine the elements of mime, mask, dance, shadow puppetry, improvisation, pathos and comedy to create a dreamscape of images that dares to touch the inner soul of its audience.
  • Ruth Macciarini $900
    Stories Old and New puppet/storytelling - a two show program of Old Stories, created and performed by the artist and New Stories, created and performed by students under the direction of the artist.
  • Darius Brotman $2,500
    The Rambler jazz composition - an extended jazz quintet exploring specific ideas of form and structure at the frontiers of jazz.
  • Howard Kaufman $1,700
    World Percussion Seminar - a seminar showcasing different percussion instruments from Africa, the Middle East, Brazil, China, Mexico, Trinidad/Tobago and Cuba at Humboldt County schools.
  • Barbara Penny $2,500
    Tales from the Motherhood dance/theater performance - a series of workshops for dancers and non-dancers that culminated in a dance production of stories of mothering and being mothered.
  • Tina Marier $2,000
    Steel Pan Drum Band - bringing the art of steel pan drumming to the area of Forks of Salmon, Somes Bar and Orleans.

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