New Charity Utilizing the Open Air Photo Booth

I am contemplating starting a new project that would use a photo booth to raise funds for charity.  The way it will work is as follows.  I will work with different companies and corporations across the U.S. to sponsor my photo booth for different events in the community.  I would then set up my booth at the event and offer the photos for a nominal fee but people will also have the ability to make an additional donation for the benefiting charity.

This approach will probably not be a huge money maker but I am of the mindset that every little bit can help, especially with some of the smaller charities that are just getting started.  After the photo booth itself is paid off, the overhead involved in a project like this is relatively low.  Below is a list of the costs associated with running a photo booth for different events.

  1. Media– This is anything associated with the creation of the photo strips. (paper, ink, ect)
  2. Photo Booth Attendant
  3. Cost of the Photo Booth
  4. Cost of Gas to Travel to Event
  5. Cost of maintaining and fixing the different components (DSLR Camera, Dye Sublimation Printer, Touchscreen Computer and Back Drop.

One addition that I think would be fun for these type of events would be the addition of a green screen photo booth. If you do not know what a green screen photo booth is I will give you a quick explanation.  What happens is the open air photo booth is set up in front of a large green background.  This green backdrop makes it easier for the software on the computer to remove the background and replace it with the one of your choice.   I think that it would be fun especially for children could they choose the location of their background.  This could also be a fun option for any type of multi-cultural event since we could have backgrounds that are themed from different countries around the world.

I have been doing a ton of research about the different options that are available for purchase.  Something that I did not realize before I thought of this idea was the fact that getting started with a photo booth can be quite expensive.  Just like with anything else, you can do things on the cheap and not offer the best quality photos or prints or you can do things the right way and offer top quality images and prints.  The difference in price is striking.  If we went on the cheap end we could get started with everything we needed for about $2000.  I am leaning towards going the other direction though and doing so will probably end up costing around 5k at a minimum.  I am hoping to get some upfront help from different avenues to cover some of the costs that will be incurred.


Finally, the other choice I have to make in reference to starting this project is to choose between an open air or enclosed photo booth.  The difference between the two are simply the addition or removal of an enclosure.  An open photo booth will consist of a standalone kiosk  with a simple backdrop set up in front of said kiosk.  This would be the style that would need to be chosen if we were to add the green screen option.  The enclosed photo booth is exactly that…. enclosed with some type of structure. This can be a curtain and rod assembly or I have even seen some inflatable structures that are pretty cool but cost close to 1K.  I am leaning towards the open booth since they seem to be all the rage right now.  They are slowly taking over as the more popular choice for most companies.  This is actually a positive thing because it means that it becomes very easy to transport the booth.  With the open option I could transport the entire kit and kaboodle in my Ford Focus.

When thinking of different events for setting up a charity photo booth rental, Ann Arbor seems to be a great location for my first event.  Ann Arbor is only about an hour away from me and the people and community are very generous so I will probably start reaching out to some different companies in that area to see if they would be interested in something like that.  Ann Arbor is only about an hour away from where I live as well.

If you like this idea or have any suggestions for the nuts and bolts portion of how I could get this going please feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.  Let me know what you think in the comment section as well!

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Discount Hardwood Flooring – Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names

Rebate Wood Flooring– Get It Much cheaper Coming from The Same Brand Names

Rebate wood flooring is offered coming from all the primary makers of hardwood flooring materials. One form of low-priced real wood for floor covering is engineered real wood, however a few of the savings companies are sound hardwood. This flooring is actually perfectly ideal for locations where you can easily toenail, staple or even adhesive the boards in position as well as is actually also suitable for placing over a cement subfloor. Despite discount real wood, you can truly spruce up areas from your home, including the recreation room or even the workshop by acquiring the hardwood flooring at a cheap rate. Through getting discount rate wood flooring, you may have the floor or even your goals rather than acquiring laminate floor covering.

If you purchase cut timber laminate when you buy low-cost real wood floor covering, you still acquire the very same arrays of choices in style, such as oak, maple, birch or even various other kinds of timber. The price cut hardwood flooring likewise possesses a hardwood backing, which includes in the longevity from the floor covering. Simultaneously, you can easily acquire affordable laminate floor covering that appears practically like you have hardwood floors mounted as well as is actually equally durable. The real wood support made use of for laminate floor covering and low-cost hardwood floors is actually picked mostly because of its growth and also constriction homes. This means that the lumber utilized was actually broken in both damp as well as dry climate.

When makers from price cut wood flooring create the edge backing, they follow strict requirements. As an example, the factories use the support to economical laminate floor covering making use of a light weight aluminum spine. The back is actually marked over each item of laminate floor covering to create certain that each part is actually printed an accurate 1.5 mm apart. This preciseness space for low-priced wood flooring enables adaptability in bending as well as benting the planks.

You can select unfinished and also prefinished real wood when you buy low-priced wood flooring. Lots of people presume that rebate hard wood floor covering is actually incomplete and also they will have a great deal of work carrying out the finishing themselves. However, this option is a matter of personal taste and also you perform have the option of choosing either one when you desire to buy at a markdown. You will certainly likewise have the exact same array from options in the form of wood you really want for your flooring in addition to a selection of discolorations and coatings. By including affordable laminate floor covering, you perform certainly not possess the selection of possessing the timber prefinished or incomplete, however you do possess a wide range of options in different colors.

The enhancing cost from hard wood floor covering indicates that many property owners try to find price cut wood flooring. They could opt for cheap laminate flooring that makes use of a production procedure from sandwiching composite fiberboard content in between 2 sheets of melamine. This gives the same result as wood floor covering, yet at a price cut cost. Several of the discount hardwood floor covering utilizes an embossing component that offers that a texture incredibly like a real timber surface and also this meets any kind of décor.

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Which Charity Credit Cards Are Worthy Of Your Support?


Some charities have taken a new way of gathering funds for their given cause.  What they are doing is working with different banks/ credit card companies and creating their own branded visa or mastercard.  Similar to how a grocery store like Kroger has a Visa rewards card, a charity can have their own that rewards the charity for every dollar that you spend.  This makes it very easy to donate without ever missing the money to begin with it.

This is  mostly available in the UK but I would be willing to bet that the USA will have its fair share of these cards popping up over the next couple years.  Many officials are very excited about these cards and have shown a great deal of support.

When you apply for any of these cards the bank will make a donation to the charity that is listed and this donation is made whether or not you actually get approved for the card.  This initial donation is anywhere between 10 and 65 US dollars.  The bank will also make bi-yearly contributions depending on how much you have spent on the card during that time period.

The actual amount or percentage that is donated can very from .25% up to 1% and this is something that you should probably look into before you decide to apply for a given card.  Some cards have a sliding scale in which they will donate more or less depending on if you have hit a specific threshold.

Which charities are available to support with these cards?

  • Cancer studies
  • Children’s charities for orphan children
  • Animal charities for the well being of dogs, cats and any other pet animal
  • Assistance for the needy
  • More and more each year
  • Going green landscaping efforts

At this day and age, the best way to see if there is a credit card available that supports a specific charity, you should check online as your starting point and you can also call some of the bigger banks  because they might have more information on what direction you should take to find more information.

There are other incentives to using these types of cards.  They offer a lot of the same features that some of the best cards have.  They offer low interest rates, zero percent balance transfers, zero percent interest for a fixed period of time.  The biggest incentive is that you will be helping a great cause.

Unfortunately, some of these cards will charge you a yearly fee to be a part of so make sure to check so you can factor that into your decision.  Just like any other credit card it will be important to pay your bill off each month if you would like to avoid paying interest on all of your daily purchases.

Once you have applied and received your card, the bank that supplies the c.c. does all the work.  You just make purchases like you normally would and your donations are made on autopilot.  Kind of a set it and forget type model.  You will be able to check the ytd of the amount that you have produced for the specific charity by setting up an online account.  Overall, I like the concept of these cards and feel that it is an innovative way for some great causes to evolve with the times.  Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil so in this instance the charity is squeaking and we the consumer are applying the oil by applying and using the credit card.  That is all for now


Some visa or mastercard providers might ask for a one-off remainder transition fee. This ought to be actually considered when selecting the immediately card.

Similar to all visa or mastercard that is actually essential to make payments consistently and without delay to stay clear of enticing any sort of fine expenses.
Once individuals have picked the right charitable organization card, creating a gift is actually as easy as doing what they would do anyhow. All they have to perform is devote cash in the standard places and also their favorite charities are going to obtain the benefit.

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Why charity should always be mandatory

I do apologize if the tone of this post comes across as political, I guess it probably is political so feel free to stop reading if you do not enjoy reading opposing view points especially in reference to some of Bernie Sanders view points.  Have you heard of the phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”?  I truly believe that at least when it comes to government, that the former quote could not be more true.  In the USA we have something different than the rest of the world.  We have freedom.  Some people might say ” lots of countries have freedom!”  What I would say to that is…. We have a different kind of freedom.  I am starting to see that freedom peeled away and that to me is a scary thing.  I am of the mindset that people should be free no matter what their beliefs.  You should have the right to be wrong.  So long as you do not cause harm to someone else then I believe that whole hearted-ly. I think that history has shown us that our government does not usually have our best interests in mind and even when they do, they are about as efficient as using a strainer to transport water from point A to point B.  When our elected officials get involved, there have already been too many promises made to too many people so the entire project becomes full of pork that has nothing to do with the original intention of the bill.  I believe that a truly free people can have a much better impact on the charity of their choice when government is left out of the equation.  Forcing people to donate is not only wrong, but it is also completely counter-intuitive to actually helping people.  If you believe that people should be forced to give their hard earned money to support other people than you should go out and start your own charity.  In a perfect world we could do everything for everyone but when you start trying to redistribute wealth the people at the bottom of the totem pole are the ones that suffer most.  This becomes true for the reason I stated earlier, government is completely inefficient and the amount of money that is needed to do the same amount of good for charity and probably 3-5 times more than it would be in the free market.  I think that feeding the hungry is a very noble thing to do but I also believe that forcing that on someone is not the correct approach.  I think overall, we have done a great job taking care of people in this country.  I also believe that with the direction we are heading that less people will actually be taken care of.  There are obviously people out there that become the responsibility of society as a whole but I really think that we as a free society are great at meeting needs and not turning people away.  I think that will all change if we continue down this road.  I think that most people will stop giving to charity because they feel that they have already done their part by donating part of their paycheck.  Like I said earlier though, this will likely mean that less people will be taken care of since the money will not go as far when it has to filter through our officials and all of the special interests.  I know there will be plenty of people that disagree with me but at least for now, this country offers freedom of speech.  I hope that we do not stray too far from those principles because they are the reason we have become so great.  Freedom for all, even if you do not agree with the things that people stand for, we must defend their right to believe it.  We will be putting on a charity event of our own some time soon so please keep an eye out as we finalize some of the details. So far only one vendor has stepped up for our event…. Top Notch Photo Booth has donated one of their fully inclusive photo booths for the special event.  If you are interested in helping out please use the contact page on the left to do so.

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When you buy a wristband for charity, is it going where it should?

You may have observed many of your friends and family members wearing one of the many vibrant colored wrist bands that have sprung up for “charity” over the last decade or so.  The trend started with Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” bracelets and has only gained more traction.  These little rubber wristbands have become very popular and might even be considered a fashion trend.  The question that we are asking today is…. Do the profits from these wristbands actually go to help charity or is this a marketing ploy that companies have decided to ride with the popularity.

Before we get into that though we should go into a bit of background about these bands.  These formed rubber wristbands are one of the biggest trends to hit after the turn of the century.  People wear them they are making a statement that they support a charity or a cause.  When you donate to the cause the charity will often give you one of these as a token of appreciation.  Similar to those little toothpick flags that I have seen some homeless people hand out on the streets.

As I mentioned, this was all started or at least made popular by the Live Strong campaign but now there are literally hundreds if not thousands of these types of bracelets.  They vary in shape and size but they are usually made of a cheap rubber but some charities/companies have incorporated different materials such as wood, steel or rope. Sometimes the color will correspond with the emotion that the creator is trying to portray.

Detractors say that there are much better ways to help a charity and argue that by the time the product has been made, packaged, shipped, displayed and sold that there is not much room left to help a charity.  Obviously, even charities have employees that need to pay their bills so they will need to be compensated for their time as well.

The sad fact of the matter is that once you pay for that band, very little of the money that you paid will end up going to the charity in question.  If you truly want to help a charity, the best way to do so would be to donate directly to the charity.  Too many people are only wearing and purchasing these things simply as a fashion statement or as a way to look good in front of other people. My personal opinion is that is pretty sad.

Unfortunately there is another problem with these charity bands.  There are several people out there that sell these bands under false pretenses.  The tell a story about how a percentage of the sales will go to whatever group they are pitching when in actuality they are keeping all of the profits for themselves.  The market has been flooded with these things so it has become very easy for just about anyone to take advantage of this trend.  Some schools have actually tried to ban these bracelets because of the high amount of fraud that is happening with the sale of them.

In conclusion, when purchasing a charity band be sure to make your purchase from a reputable source because not all of the vendors selling these are offering the profits to charity.  They may not be telling you otherwise but I think that just selling the bands makes it implied that part of the profits would go to charity but in actuality they are not.  Even if you do purchase one from a reputable company, why not go online and make a direct donation to one of the many charities that are helping fund the research for the area of your choice?  I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion about these bracelets.

Speaking of charity, We would like to thank one of our most recent philanthropists, Waterford Sealcoat has made a generous donation to help us continue on with this blog.  You can visit their site at


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How to find a charity to donate your time to

There are a lot of people that donate their time to work with a charitable organization.  This can be a great way for you to contribute without offering any of your money.  You can make a difference with your time, your skills and the love you have in your heart.  If you do not have much money and want to help people in need, then donating your time is the easiest way to go about doing so.

Choosing a charity to volunteer for is totally up to you.  If you have a certain skill set that can be beneficial for a specific charity then it would probably make sense to offer your skills to that type of charity.  For instance, if you work at a veterinary clinic for your day job, then maybe you could donate your time to an animal shelter like the Humane Society or one of the many other shelters for unwanted animals.  Or if you are especially good with organizational skills then you could donate your abilities to a charity that is having trouble keeping their doors open.  Think about the difference that you specifically can make when donating your skills and time.  That will help narrow down your choices.

Another point you should keep in mind is your own personal preference.  Even if you do have impressive organizational skills, if you do not enjoy utilizing those skills then it probably will not make sense for you to offer those skills.  There should be joy in your heart when offering your time so if you will not have a good time doing something then it would probably be best to leave that off of the list and instead use another skill that you might have.  Having a positive outlook is very important when donating your time to charity.

The next variable you need to ponder is the amount of time that you can actually donate.  Maybe you have an entire day a week that you can work at a charity or maybe you only have a couple hours every few weeks.  Different charities have different guidelines for when you can work.  Keeping this in mind will help you decide on where to donate your time. Keep in mind that even if you were to only donate 3 hours every week, you would be donating 156 hours of your time after one years time! That is almost the equivalent of twenty, eight hour days.

Offering your service and your time should not only be beneficial for the charity, it should also be beneficial to you and your mind.  Finding a charity that can act as a dual purpose is the key to success when donating your time. You should find joy in what you are doing and the people or animals will benefit from your time with them.  Serving your chosen charity can also be a great way to make new friends and broaden your network of people.  It can also reveal some of your strengths that you never knew you had.  If you have more time then money then offering your service is time well spent and will be good for you and good for the receiver.  Leave a comment below and tell us some of the places that you have volunteered at.

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